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Web hosting is the storage of files for the use of websites owned by organisations or individuals in high powered computer systems known as servers. Therefore, if anyone types the website address on the Internet, the site will connect to the related files immediately on the server.

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Powerful and Affordable Server

Dedicated servers are the ideal medium for people to host website and Internet services which require the maximum level of performance, bandwidth, configurability, and security.

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Malaysia Dedicated Server

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Domain name is unique

Domain names are registered on the first come first served basis. If the domain name you want is taken, it is no longer available unless the current registrant terminates the service and frees up the domain name.,

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Isolated Hosting Environment

The dedicated container (VPS) is an isolated hosting environment with dedicated and guaranteed server resources therefore this hosting solution is great for webmasters who need full control over their web server,

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iWHOST : Malaysia Webhosting Provider.

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99.9% Uptime

We do understand the importance of having a website which can be accessed smoothly and uninterrupted over time. We can ensure that our uptime efficiency is up to 99.9% in terms of network, server and services.

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24/7/365 Support

We provide 24/7/365 support with well-trained staff through ticketing systems, emails and telephone calls. You can look forward to receiving fast responses and reliable answers.


Protect your PC

Safety is one of our main concerns. All our platforms and scripts are constantly kept updated to protect your equipment especially computers.

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Our professional staff will be monitoring 24/7 in case of any suspicious activity or threat on the server and take action correspondingly.

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Server Co-location

With the help of server co-location which houses your own server at our data center, we ensure your connection to the Internet stays fast and reliable .

Website Design

Monitoring system

Our monitoring system is meticulously created for all servers and network devices that there is almost no way to get rid of it.

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We Are With You Every Step Of The Way!

Start your web hosting with us now. We provide everything - all in one - everything you need to host your own website. Regardless of whether you are a professional who has started the website for a long time or just wanting to start with a new website, our professional and trained staff will be available to assist you in all aspects and levels.

Let's make your website great, smooth, fast, and secure with us now!

We are ready 24/7/365 to help you in every aspect of hosting. We have all the tools and applications you need to run your website. In fact, with only one-click application installer, your goal for a smooth website is now achieved.

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Our Testimonial

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  • IWHost Testimonial

    "Terima kasih atas bantuan yang mantap!"

    Terima kasih atas bantuan yg diberikan even pukul 3 pagi. Sangat rekomen kepada sesiapa yang sedang mencari hosting dan domain.

    Posted By : Ustaz Li

    Added On :2020-04-15 11:04:10

    Ip Address :

    Url : Tanyaustaz.net

  • IWHost Testimonial

    "Good Support "

    I have been using IWHOST almost for few years  overall the support is good , quick and fast. I have 14 servcies running on IWHOST, so far all of them are good. 

    Posted By : Mathan

    Added On :2020-04-13 01:04:23

    Ip Address :

    Url : MITECH2U

  • IWHost Testimonial

    "7 Years with IWH"

    If the history written by winner, then my business history is written by IWH. Since 2014, IWH never dissapoints me, never let me down. From the domain creation until website development, IWH sales and tech staff always available all the time. Million thanks to all IWH staff.

    Posted By : Jeffery

    Added On :2019-12-09 10:12:38

    Ip Address :

    Url : Upah Buat Assignment

  • IWHost Testimonial

    "Support Team Terbaik Dan Terpantas.."

    Terima kasih kepada SKSA Technology @ Internet-Web Hosting kerana memberi service dan support yang sangat pantas. Setiap email yang kami hantar dibalas dalam tempoh kurang dari 5 minit sahaja. Bukan itu sahaja.. setiap masalah yang kami hadapi juga dapat diselesaikan dengan cepat. Tahniah !


    Added On :2019-11-27 08:11:02

    Ip Address :


  • IWHost Testimonial


    My problem have been solved in a day only. Thank you for the help and kind services by your behalf.


    Added On :2019-11-13 04:11:33

    Ip Address :


  • IWHost Testimonial


    I have been using IWH more than 9 years.. Really good and very fast response with good support. Tq IWH


    Added On :2019-11-08 12:11:59

    Ip Address :


  • IWHost Testimonial

    "Best Webhosting! Best support!"

    Been using this services many years. Best support! Best services! And dont forget their affordable prices. U will never regret.

    Posted By : Melur

    Added On :2019-08-06 06:08:34

    Ip Address :

    Url : Semakan Online

  • IWHost Testimonial

    "Great Support and Friendly Staff"

    We have all kinds of difficulties with our domain name, but luckily their staff is professional enough to help us resolve our problems. Great team they have there.

    Posted By : Ken

    Added On :2019-08-01 01:08:13

    Ip Address :

    Url : Limoland Travel Agency

  • IWHost Testimonial

    "They Have Improved A Lot"

    SKSA has improved a lot in terms of security and up time. I have been with them since 2008. I know. Even their customer support has improved. Good job guys!

    Posted By : Tino

    Added On :2019-07-23 04:07:46

    Ip Address :

    Url : Forex Malaysia

  • IWHost Testimonial

    "LinuxPro Supreme Plan"

    Berikutan promosi yang ditawarkan di portal kami, kenaikan trafik telah berlaku dan hampir memenuhi kouta bandwidth plan hosting terdahulu. Keputusan telah diambil untuk berpindah ke LinuxPro Supreme Plan pula. Semua urusan dibuat secara online. Order

    Posted By : SSPN-i Plus Online

    Added On :2019-07-21 02:07:41

    Ip Address :

    Url : Portal maklumat dan pembukaan akaun SSPN-i Plus


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